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The Buzz

See who is talking about Smart911 and what they are saying

SmartSave Awards

Real life stories where Smart911 has helped citizens all across the country:


A Michigan Man is Thankful He Can Hug His Daughters, After Smart911 Helped Save His Life

On November 6 Dan Hoffman called 9-1-1 for help, but couldn't speak. Today he is thankful that he is alive to hug his daughters and that his wife signed up for Smart911.

Michigan Dispatcher’s Quick Thinking Helps Stroke Victim

Ryan Culver is presented with an award for his quick thinking and ability to utilize Smart911 to assist a citizen in need

Smart911 Assists 9-1-1 Dispatcher With Call from Child

Dispatcher is Honored with SmartSave Award After She Uses Smart911 to Interact with a Child Caller On Saturday June 7, Neal Ann Keelin was working a typical shift at the…

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What Public Safety is Saying

Hear from 9-1-1, Police, Fire, & EMS officials on how Smart911 is helping them better serve their community.

“You just never know when one of those 9-1-1 calls is going to come in and when they do, seconds count and having the vital information that Smart911 can provide is very, very important on…”

-  Lt. Derek Hudson, Springdale Police Department, Springdale AR

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What Citizens are Saying

Residents all across the U.S. are talking about why they are signing up for Smart911.

I have 2 special needs sons. Knowing that this information is available to help the first responder’s help my sons makes me feel much more secure. I hope that anyone who has someone with health…”

-  Anna K. , Benton, AR

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What Advocates are Saying

Advocacy group representatives talk about how Smart911 helps the members of their community be better protected.

“Our members have difficulty communicating directly with 9-1-1. Smart911 will benefit the deaf and hard of hearing community as it will help emergency personnel to be aware that the person has a hearing loss.””

-  June McMahon, President, Florida Association of the Deaf

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Supporters & Partners

See who is supporting Smart911 all across the country

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