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The Safety Zone

Tips and techniques for a safer home and better health.

A Safe Home and Family

While keeping your family safe, it is important to keep your home safe as well. From understanding what emergency responders need to know about your home, to the best ways to prepare and protect against in-home accidents, injuries and weather related risks, the Safety Zone will provide relevant tips and articles about what your can do to ensure you have A Safe Home.


Hot Water Burns Like Fire: Scalds Prevention Tips

Hot bath water is responsible for the highest number of fatal and severe scalding injuries among young children. A baby’s skin is much thinner than an adult’s, so hot water…


18 Space Heater Safety Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

When used correctly, portable space heaters are not only safe to use, but they’re also great devices to help you safe money and energy usage. Unfortunately, every year we hear…


Top Ten Red Cross Cold Weather Safety Tips

As temperatures drop this winter, the American Red Cross offers ten steps people can take to stay safe during the cold weather. 1. Layer up! Wear layers of lightweight clothing…

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The 4-1-1 on 9-1-1

What is 9-1-1? How does it work, and what do I need to know about calling 9-1-1? The Safety Zone will offer history, facts, and tips on everything you'll ever need to know about the national emergency number in the U.S.


Reality Check: Debunking 9-1-1 myths

Our current 911 system was designed in the 1950s and early 60s for landline phones. Today, 40% of households are mobile only and more than 70% of 911 calls come…


9-1-1 News: “I had to tell myself to stay calm.”

A Weekly Round Up of 9-1-1 Stories in the News Young boy honored for calling 9-1-1 to revive Dad from diabetic seizure “I had to tell myself to stay calm.”…


Why Sign Up for Smart911? One Graphic Explains It All

When you dial 9-1-1, the 9-1-1 call taker is only able to see very limited amounts of information about you. Below you can see the drastic difference between a landline 9-1-1 call, a mobile 9-1-1 call and a call with a Smart911 Safety Profile.

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