Want Smart911 in Your Area?

Every day in America, the number of Smart911 supported communities continues to grow. Even if Smart911 is not yet available in your area, it may be very soon, which is why we encourage you to sign up in advance.

9-1-1 services in the U.S. are sometimes dictated or influenced by community and citizen response. The implementation of new services, availability of grants, and allotment of financial appropriations may require solicitation of letters from private citizens, community groups and advocacy groups. Politicians need to know the facts and need for these services and the impact that they may have within their districts and among their constituents.

If you want to advocate for Smart911 to your elected officials as a resident or advocate, you can download the form letters and also share the Good Morning America video on this page with your community leaders.

Smart911 Advocacy LetterSmart911 Resident Letter