Smart911 in Arkansas

Smart911 is an important and lifesaving service that everyone in your community can benefit from.  Smart911 is offered to all residents in the State of Arkansas free of charge. In efforts to expand awareness of this life-saving service, we have materials available for distribution through several community channels. This community outreach program has been designed to build upon resources you may already have available to you first, and then create new opportunities that will extend your reach into the community.

Need an intro to Smart911?  Check out this piece from Good Morning America:

Smart911 was first announced in Arkansas in 2011, allowing citizens to create a safety profile for enhanced emergency response.  The program has been steadily increasing in awareness, citizen participation and value to all Arkansas dispatcher centers ever since.

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In state Project Manager:  J.P. French 

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Outreach and Education

In order to continue to increase awareness of Smart911 and encourage citizen participation we have several tools available for your use in local efforts.

Arkansas Custom Marketing Materials

Smart911 Customer Marketing Portal


SmartSave Award

Anytime a dispatcher or responder is able to use the Smart911 platform to assist on a call, they are eligible for a SmartSave Award.  This includes the use of a citizen Safety Profile, a Facility Profile, Smart911Chat or Smart911Notes.

SmartSave Award Information


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