Brand and Usage Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to help you use our brand and assets, including our logos, content, and trademarks without having to worry about negotiating a separate agreement with us or engaging in contractual matters. If you’d like to make any use of our marks that is not covered by this document, you should contact us at and include a visual mockup of intended use.

Brand & Logo Usage

Smart911® marks include, but are not limited to, the Smart911 name, logo, product/service names, product/service logos, Safety Profile, the lock icon, and any word, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of Smart911’s or Rave Mobile Safety’s products and/or services. Do not modify or alter the marks or use them in a way that confuses Smart911 with another brand. For partnerships, both business, government, and otherwise, please see our co-branding guidelines below.

Smart911 Co-branding Guidelines

For partners using the the Smart911 brand name or logo, please ensure that:

  • All references and communications of the Smart911 brand state Smart911 first, and the partner/provider second. For example, “Smart911 from Company A”, or “Smart911 from Company B”.
  • In any marketing materials or other visual communications, the Smart911 logo should appear first from left to right, and should appear legible and non-manipulated. See examples below of a correctly co-branded footer layout.


For any questions about Smart911 co-branding guidelines, please contact us at

Logo Usage

Use only the Rave and Smart911 logos provided in the Downloads section of this page. Select the logo that best suits the visual design and functionality of your site, application, or marketing collateral. The selected logo must be used from the downloadable sources provided, and should be clearly visible and not altered, resized, or obstructed in any way.

Proper Usage:

  • Use the logos available for download on this page in the Downloads section.
  • Maintain at least 1/2 inch (30 or more pixels) of space around the top, bottom, left, and right of the logos.
  • If resizing is needed, resize the logos maintaining the current aspect ratio (ratio of width to height).
  • It is best to resize the vector (EPS) versions of the logos rather than the flat (png) versions of the logos.


Improper Usage:

  • Do not stretch or distort the logos
  • Do not change the typeface
  • Do not rearrange the layout
  • Do not add content to the logos
  • Do not manipulate the logos with colors, effects, reflections, or other additions


For any questions about Smart911 logo usage, please contact us at


Before using Smart911 logos or marks, please read the Brand & Logo Usage section above. You can download any of the following accepted varations of the Smart911 logo in vector (.eps) or transparent web (.png) format.

Smart911 Logo (for light backgrounds)
Download: EPS | PNG

brandusage6 (1)
Smart911 Logo (for dark backgrounds)
Download: EPS | PNG

Smart911 URL Logo (for light backgrounds)
Download: EPS | PNG

Smart911 URL Logo (for dark backgrounds)
Download: EPS | PNG

Other Rave Brands

If you would like to receive materials or brand guidelines for any of Rave’s other products, please contact us at