HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and is the cause of AIDS. It is danger to individuals living with it because it weakens a person’s immune system. HIV destroys important cells the body uses to fight infections and diseases. Currently more than 1.2 million people in the United States are living with HIV and 1 in 8 of them are completely unware of it, which puts them at risk of unknowingly sharing it with others. It is important to take the right precautions when living with HIV like open communication with life partners and medical workers to reduce risk of those around contracting it.

Dec 15, 2016

Around half of all children with cerebral palsy also have epilepsy. Both cerebral palsy and epilepsy are neurological disorders that often coincide with one another. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders, epilepsy encompasses a “spectrum of brain disorders” in which the pattern of normal neuronal activity is disrupted

Nov 15, 2016
Managing and Preparing for Every Circumstance Diabetes is a serious disease with no cure. However, there are many ways people can manage it to minimize its impact on their lifestyle. Over 29 million Americans have diabetes and 1 out of every 4 is completely unaware they have it. There are three types of diabetes: Type 1: [...]
Nov 15, 2016

Abuse against women and domestic violence are two issues very close to me and my life has been plagued with both since before I even entered this world. In order to prevent or end an abusive situation, we must first define abuse and its targets. If it hurts consistently, it’s abuse. Merriam-Webster defines abuse as, “to treat (a person or an animal) with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly.” Abuse can be physical, emotional, manipulative, or sexual. It can exist at any level of relationship: between parents/guardians and children, spouses or partners, employers and co-workers even friends.

Nov 1, 2016

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a brave customer of ours decided to tell her story in hopes of helping others in a similar situation.

Oct 14, 2016

Did you know that suicide is in the top 10 causes of death in America? The rise in suicide rates over the past 30 years continues to confuse scientists and researchers. In 2014 alone, almost half a million people were hospitalized for self-inflicted injuries and more than 1 million adults reported having attempted suicide. Recent studies revealed that it is the 10th leading cause of death in the US. In 2014 over 40,000 Americans took their own lives and for every one suicide there are 25 attempts. In light of these staggering statistics, what can we do? The first step is trying to better understand the issue. The second is to know the resources available and be ready and willing to share them with those at risk

Sep 28, 2016

30 years ago less than 2 million Americans suffered from the disease. Today, the number has increased to nearly 5.4 million according to Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation. Stigma around Alzheimer’s exists due to confusion around what the disease is and is not. The goal of this blog is to educate the public and allay all fear around the progressive and irreversible disease.

Sep 21, 2016

Bullying. Many say it’s an inevitable experience that every child goes through; some even go as far as to say it is a ‘rite of passage’. Unfortunately, this blasé attitude concerning bullying perpetuates a problem that threatens the emotional and sometimes physical safety of children. While physical bullying still occurs and is harmful to children in many ways, the means of bullying is morphing into something much worse. What is this new and insidious form of harassment children are facing? Cyber Bullying.

Aug 30, 2016

I always feel a sense of hesitance before tuning into the 6 o’clock news. Whether it is a mass shooting, a domestic abuse incident or a child gone missing, it’s never anything positive. I prefer to receive news from something a little more light such as Last Week Tonight With John Oliver or The Daily […]

Jun 27, 2016
The unfortunate and tragic death of Music Icon Prince highlighted the reality of wireless location inaccuracy when a 9-1-1 call is placed from a mobile phone. As you can see in this section of the transcript from the 9-1-1 call the day Prince died, the 9-1-1 dispatcher cannot automatically locate the address of a mobile [...]
May 15, 2016