9-1-1 Dispatcher Uses Smart911Chat to Rescue a Woman that had Overdosed


Orange Logo 2012Lettner answered a 9-1-1 call from a third party caller stating there was something wrong with her friend and that she had taken some pills but was not with her friend. The caller could not provide an exact address but relayed the street her friend lived on. Orange County dispatch then worked with the Sheriff’s Office and together obtained an address. Town of Orange PD, K-9 Officer Bragg arrived at the address and advised Lettner that the woman had left. Officer Bragg then relayed a cell number and requested a Smart911Chat to be sent. Lettner initiated the chat session however a shift change took place and E-911 Supervisor, Anglina Bragg, continued the chat session. Orange County Sheriff’s Officer dispatcher’s Pamela Walker and Courtney Strawser had the woman’s cell phone “pinged”, which showed her to be in Culpeper County.

Culpeper County was then notified and sent all of the information. K-9 Officer Kyle McGinnis and Sgt. Lickliter from Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to the woman’s location in Culpeper County. The woman read the Smart911Chat messages that were sent to her, and called 9-1-1. Angelina Bragg, E-911 Supervisor was able to confirm her location, confirm she had overdosed and stayed on the phone with her until Orange County and Culpeper County units arrived on scene. The patient stated the only reason she called 9-1-1 was because of the Smart911 Chats that were sent to her.

“Smart911Chat helped make contact with this young lady. I’m very proud of the teamwork and utilization of Smart911Chat!” said Supervisor Peggy Helmick.

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