General Emergencies

In an emergency situation involving a person with specific needs, the first step is to dial 9-1-1.

9-1-1 telecommunicators play a key role in figuring out the type of emergency that is occurring and determining the proper staff and equipment needed in the particular situation. Whether the individual is having a medical emergency, has had a physical accident, or is in another situation, it is vital to communicate the specific details about the person’s condition and needs and understand the response may require very specific actions. Smart911 can provide the important details needed by 9-1-1 and response teams to assist this person.

General Emergencies General Emergencies General Emergencies

Smart911 can help with…

House Fire
If your home needs to be evacuated, responders including police and fire need to know important details such as the number of residents in the home, whether there are any pets, if anyone has a mobility limitation, where bedroom locations are, and access points. Having photos of your family members will help to confirm who is being rescued from the home. Additional details include utility shut off valves, gate codes or hidden driveways.

Vehicle Accident
If you are in an accident or any sort while in your vehicle, you will likely need to dial 9-1-1 from your mobile phone. For 9-1-1 to not only determine where you are located when calling, but also be able to tell responders the make, model and color of your vehicle can help facilitate a quick response. If you have listed photos of your family members in your profile, responders can more easily identify individuals in the vehicle, especially if anyone is unconscious or unable to communicate.

Missing Child
When a child goes missing, every second counts. By providing a photo and physical description of your child, 9-1-1 can forward these vital details to responders in the field immediately upon receiving your call allowing for a search to begin within minutes.

Accident at Home
While you can never predict an accident, you can also never predict who will need to call 9-1-1. If you have an accident and your child needs to dial 9-1-1, your profile can provide call takers with the necessary details about you and your home that they need to send help fast, without relying on your child to answer questions they may not know. If you or any member of your family dials 9-1-1 but then is unable to communicate, your profile will provide the information needed to start responders on their way to your location.