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Endorsed by Thousands of Public Safety Agencies Nationwide

“One of the things we fail to think about is the fact that when a person is dialing 9-1-1, it can be a very chaotic environment and there could be a lot of panic involved. If they have preloaded a profile that automatically populates for our responders, we have useful information, even if the person cannot relay all needed information to us.”

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Kenneth Ellerbe
Chief of Fire and EMC
Fire and EMS Department
Washington D.C.

“Recently, an area mother called 9-1-1 when her child ran into a grill and received a laceration on the face. Panic is natural during an emergency, and in the excitement, the mother didn’t mention the child had a lethal latex allergy. Because she had created a Safety Profile, our dispatcher immediately saw this detail and was able to alert first-responders.”

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Tim Hearn
Executive Director
Fort Smith Emergency Medical Services

“Being able to immediately be advised of medical conditions such as allergies, medications, or disabilities can help us assess the situation faster and more accurately."

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Daryl Case
Medical Director & Assistant Fire Chief
Blair Township Fire Department
Grand Traverse, MI

“Citizens have the ability to include such information as the names and photos of family members, medical conditions (such as disabilities or allergies), home addresses of mobile phone callers, and other rescue notes.”

Atlanta police department image
City of Atlanta, GA
Police Department


of Smart911 users would recommend Smart911 as an essential tool for personal safety.


The amount of time saved by Smart911 in the response to a house fire in Michigan, saving the homeowner’s life.

31.1 million

The number of residents protected by Smart911 nationwide.

Your security is our top priority

Information you provide is kept in our secure facilities and only made
available to 9-1-1 call takers and responders if you call 9-1-1.

Your data is protected by industry
leading security with Smart911.

You Decide What to Include

Provide as much or as little information as you want.
Smart911 only asks for information that is relevant to
aid emergency response.

Only Seen If You Call 9-1-1

Your information is only available to 9-1-1 call takers
and first responders if you have an emergency and
need to call 9-1-1.

Industry Leading Security

Your information is housed in top-tier secure facilities
complete with 24/7 physical security, video
surveillance, and alarms. The facilities and applications
are regularly audited and subjected to intrusion
prevention testing. We utilize the same secure sockets
layer (SSL) certificate authority and encryption
technologies used by leading financial institutions.

"The Personal Safety Game Changer"

"Personalized 9-1-1 Calls"

“Revolutionizing Emergency Response”

“Smart911 Saved My Life”

Thanks to Our Smart911 Partners

We are able to help saves lives thanks to the support of dedicated partner
organizations nationwide who educate their communities about Smart911.


Quota International

“For individuals who cannot communicate because they are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or speech-impaired, precious time is saved when 9-1-1 call takers have immediate access to vital information. Quota International urges members to create a Safety Profile for your household today.”
– Barbara Schreiber, Executive Director

American Association of Kidney Patients

“There are over half a million people in the U.S. with kidney failure. One of the treatments for kidney failure is dialysis, which can cause serious medical complications. Smart911 is a unique system that gives our patients a sense of security that help will be available quickly should they ever need it. We are happy to be one of Smart911’s community partners.”
– Gary Green, Executive Director


“We are empowering citizens to help emergency services be more effective. By sharing critical information, such as medications and allergies, first responders already have greater visibility and knowledge of the patient they are trying to help.”
– MyMedSchedule


Autism Speaks

Tracy Clark, a dispatcher for the Grove City, OH Police Department has two sons with autism. Tracy had been concerned about the safety of her boys. Then she discovered Smart911.


Diabetes Education and Camping Association

“If [someone] experiences a blood glucose level outside of their therapeutic range, they may not be able to communicate during a 9-1-1 call. Smart911 will tell 9-1-1 that they have diabetes, enabling EMS to arrive sooner on scene with a better understanding of the situation.”
– Terry Ackley, Executive Director

Pet Partners

“At Pet Partners we actively promote animal welfare among therapy animals as well as family pets. The option to add photos of our pets to Smart911 profiles is a wonderful tool to help first responders become aware of the presence of our four-legged and feathered family members during urgent situations.”
– Annie Magnant, Pet Partners CEO


Autism Alliance of Michigan

“Up to forty percent [of people on the autism spectrum] do not speak. This is important information for emergency responders to know and Smart911 makes that possible.”
– Scott Schuelke, Autism Safety Specialist


Tennessee Disability Coalition

“Our members [sign up] for themselves, children, another family member, senior parents, or their pet or service animal. We encourage not only our community, but also Smart911 to help increase public safety across the country.”
– Donna DeStefano, Assistant Director


Florida Association of the Deaf

“Our members have difficulty communicating directly with 9-1-1. Smart911 will benefit the deaf and hard of hearing community as it will make emergency personnel aware that the person has a hearing loss.”
– June McMahon, President


Kentucky Office for the Blind

“Smart911 is a resource that is valuable for the individuals we serve, [because] first responders will have access to critical information when responding to emergencies for individuals who are blind and visually impaired.”
– Darlena Smith


Highlands Center for Autism

“It is vital for 9-1-1 dispatchers to have important information about the caller for a faster and more efficient response. This will be of great benefit to all of the families we serve as well as in the community.”
– Shelli Deskins, Director


Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities

“Today people who are deaf must contact 9-1-1 through video relay service, which takes a long time. Smart911 will allow people who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate directly with 9-1-1, saving valuable time in an emergency.”
– Laura Gramer, Co-Chair


Arkansas Association of the Deaf

“Smart911 can dramatically improve our ability to access 9-1-1 and first responder services. AAD endorses Smart911 and we encourage all citizens create their free Safety Profile with their lifesaving service.”
– Jeff Prail, 1st Vice President


Parents Helping Parents of FL, Inc.

“Smart911 provides a much needed service for the community! When Smart911 was introduced to families in our area, we immediately recognized the value of the service. Many families that we serve, have children that are non-verbal and every second counts.”
– Jovon Howard, Executive Director


Anthracite Region Center for Independent Living

“Smart911 empowers first responders and people with disabilities to work together toward a safer and more prepared community.”
– Francine Hogan, Assistant Community Organizer


Women Lead Arkansas

“Women are often responsible for many things—children, partners, pets, homes, and elderly parents. It is also potentially life-saving for victims of domestic violence. Smart911 ensures that someone is looking out for them, and their abuser is none the wiser.”
– Stephanie Harris, Founder


Independence, Inc.

“When first responders have information about an individual, they can be more effective providing assistance during an emergency. We encourage all members of our community and their families to create a Smart911 Safety Profile in order to be prepared should an emergency occur.”
– Bob Mikesic, Deputy Director


Bikers Against Domestic Violence

“9-1-1 can indicate a risk of domestic violence, verify who is calling with a pin code, see the history of domestic violence, and a description of the perpetrator well before responders arrive on scene.”
– Michelle Garcia, Founder


Alzheimer’s Arkansas Programs and Services

“Smart911 is an added layer of security for our seniors who have Alzheimer’s or other type of dementia. It’s imperative that they have a life alert system in the household that will protect them in case of a fall or other trauma.”
– Elise Siegler, Executive Director


Sunshine School and Development Center

“Smart911 gives our clients an additional sense of safety. Our clients have a wide range of disabilities and their families want that extra security.”
– Nathan Pollet, Events and Communications Coordinator


City of Tempe, Diversity Office

“This has been a comfort to many people who have disabilities, functional needs, or severe or chronic medical conditions. Smart911 facilitates the saving of lives and the provision of expedient service.”
– Michele Stokes, Tempe ADA Compliance Specialist


Brain Injury Support Group of Lake County, Florida

“Individuals with brain injury desire to live independently and be self-sufficient. That is hard work, but with the Smart911 system accessible to us, we feel more secure in our attempts at self-sufficiency.”
– Barbara A. Castlow, Support Group Leader


The Carroll Center for the Blind

“Our Accessibility Services team recently assisted Smart911 to ensure that individuals who are visually impaired can independently register online for those services.”
– Bruce A. Howell, Accessibility Services Coordinator

American Association of Caregiving Youth

“Smart911 is also the only service of its kind that provides lifesaving information about caregivers and their families directly to 9-1-1 and emergency management officials… We implore all caregivers and their families nationwide to sign up for Smart911 today.”
– Connie Siskowski, RN, PhD, Director

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