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Endorsed by Thousands of Public Safety Agencies Nationwide

“Being able to immediately be advised of medical conditions such as allergies, medication,s or disabilities can help us assess the situation faster and more accurately."

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Daryl Case Medical Director & Assistant Fire Chief Blair Township Fire Department Grand Traverse, MI

“One of the things we fail to think about is the fact that when a person is dialing 9-1-1, it can be a very chaotic environment and there could be a lot of panic involved. If they have preloaded a profile that automatically populates for our responders, we have useful information, even if the person cannot relay all needed information to us.”

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Kenneth Ellerbe Chief of Fire and EMC Fire and EMS Department Washington D.C.

“Recently, an area mother called 9-1-1 when her child ran into a grill and received a laceration on the face. Panic is natural during an emergency, and in the excitement, the mother didn’t mention the child had a lethal latex allergy. Because she had created a Safety Profile, our dispatcher immediately saw this detail and was able to alert first-responders.”

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Tim Hearn Executive Director Fort Smith Emergency Medical Services Arkansas


of Smart911 users would recommend Smart911 as an essential tool for personal safety.


The amount of time saved by Smart911 in the response to a house fire in Michigan, saving the homeowner’s life.

66 million

The number of residents protected by Smart911 nationwide.

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The information you provide is kept in our secure facilities and only made available to 9-1-1 call takers and responders if you call 9-1-1.
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Provide as much or as little information as you want. Smart911 only asks for information that is relevant to aid emergency response.

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Your information is only available to 9-1-1 call takers and first responders if you have an emergency and need to call 9-1-1.

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Your information is housed in top-tier secure facilities complete with 24/7 physical security, video surveillance, and alarms. The facilities and applications are regularly audited and subjected to intrusion prevention testing. We utilize the same secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate authority and encryption technologies used by leading financial institutions.

Family Pushes for Smart911

"The Personal Safety Game Changer"

“Revolutionizing Emergency Response”

“Smart911 Saved My Life”

Thanks to Our Smart911 Partners

We are able to help saves lives thanks to the support of dedicated partner organizations nationwide who educate their communities about Smart911.

Parent to Parent USA

“As an organization that supports parents of children with special needs, we know the fear that families can face if those children ever have encounters with first responders who are unaware of their conditions. Parent to Parent is a nonprofit organization that ensures access to quality emotional support for families of individuals with disabilities and/or special health care needs. “The fact that Smart911 can share critical information about those with disabilities – for example, if they don’t respond well to bright lights or loud sounds – can drastically help improve emergency response for those individuals, ensuring they get access to the care they need in a safe, personalized and efficient manner. The tool brings great peace of mind to parents across the country, and I can’t emphasize the importance of signing up enough.”

- Aurélie Brown, Co-Executive Director

Quota International

“For individuals who cannot communicate because they are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or speech-impaired, precious time is saved when 9-1-1 call takers have immediate access to vital information. Quota International urges members to create a Safety Profile for your household today.”

- Barbara Schreiber, Executive Director

Autism Speaks Chicagoland Chapter

“The Chicagoland Chapter of Autism Speaks strives to provide information and resources to families touched by autism, which is why we support services like Smart911. The opportunity to provide very detailed information for 9-1-1 and response teams can make all the difference between life and death in emergency situations involving individuals with autism. We support and encourage the efforts to make services of these types available to all families in Illinois.”

- Liz Klug, Executive Director


“Both MyMedSchedule and Smart911 are innovative technology solutions that enable citizens to take more control over the management and appropriate sharing of their medication information. We are empowering citizens to help emergency services be more effective. By sharing critical information, such as medications and allergies, first responders already have greater visibility and knowledge of the patient they are trying to help. We encourage all MyMedSchedule users to visit to create a Safety Profile to better protect their family in an emergency.”

- Tim Peters, President and Foudner

Diabetes Education and Camping Association

“The Diabetes Education and Camping Association (DECA) unites the worldwide diabetes camping community through leadership and education. We are proud to share Smart911 as a resource because of its ability to save time in an emergency. For instance, if an individual with diabetes experiences a blood glucose level that is outside of their therapeutic range, they may not be able to effectively communicate during a 9-1-1 call. A Smart911 Safety Profile will display to 9-1-1 that they have diabetes immediately enabling 9-1-1 to dispatch emergency medical personnel sooner with a better understanding of the situation as they arrive on scene.”

- Terry Ackley, Executive Director

Pet Partners

“At Pet Partners we actively promote animal welfare among therapy animals as well as family pets. The option to add photos of our pets to Smart911 profiles is a wonderful tool to help first responders become aware of the presence of our four-legged and feathered family members during urgent situations.”

- Annie Magnant, Pet Partners CEO

Autism Alliance of Michigan

“Up to forty percent [of people on the autism spectrum] do not speak. This is important information for emergency responders to know and Smart911 makes that possible.”

- Scott Schuelke , Autism Safety Specialist

Tennessee Disability Coalition

“Smart911 provides a valuable service to members of our communities by facilitating better communication with 9-1-1. Our members create a Safety Profile for many reasons; maybe it is out of concern for themselves, their children, another family member with disabilities, a senior parent, or their pet or service animal. Sometimes it is just to provide additional location information. Now, they not only have the chance to win prizes and become ‘the face’ of this vital service, more importantly, they can inspire someone else to create a Safety Profile and better protect themselves and their family. We encourage not only our community, but also the Smart911 community to take a moment, share their reasons, and help increase public safety across the country.”

- Donna DeStefano, Assistant Director

American Association of Kidney Patients

“There are over half a million people in the U.S. with kidney failure. One of the treatments for kidney failure is dialysis, which can cause serious medical complications. Smart911 is a unique system that gives our patients a sense of security that help will be available quickly should they ever need it. We are happy to be one of Smart911’s community partners.”

- Gary Green, Executive Director

Independence, Inc.

“When first responders have information about an individual, they can be more effective providing assistance during an emergency. We encourage all members of our community and their families to create a Smart911 Safety Profile in order to be prepared should an emergency occur.”

- Bob Mikesic, Deputy Director

Seattle Commision for People with Disabilities

“Today people who are deaf must contact 9-1-1 through video relay service, which takes a long time. Smart911 will allow people who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate directly with 9-1-1, saving valuable time in an emergency.”

- Laura Gramer, Co-Chair

Dravet Syndrome Foundation

“Dravet syndrome, a rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy beginning in childhood, affects 1 in 17,000 people. The Dravet Syndrome Foundation works aggressively to find a cure while assisting afflicted individuals and their families. A person with Dravet syndrome has highly specialized needs and can greatly benefit from providing 9-1-1 call takers and first responders their medical information through a Smart911 Safety Profile ahead of any emergency. We encourage the families we serve to be proactive about their emergency preparedness by signing up for Smart911 today.”

- Mary Ann Meskis, Executive Director

Stoughton's Council on Aging

“I think [Smart911] is a really good program. It’s very important for people who are confused or caring for a spouse with Alzheimer’s. It’s another way police are using technology to make public safety more usable and more accessible.”

- Karen Hall, Director

Highlands Center for Autism

“As the Director of the Highlands Center for Autism, it is vital for 9-1-1 dispatchers to have important information about the caller for a faster and more efficient response. I know this will be of great benefit to all of the families we serve as well as their family, friends and neighbors in the community.”

- Shelli Deskins, Director

Grove City Evans Center

“I think [Smart911] will be wonderful for our citizens. I’m really proud Grove City is so proactive.”

- Bev Longmire, Coordinator

Stoughton School District

“We are strongly encouraging that families register their kids and their cell phones through [the Smart911] program. It will show first responders which classroom a teacher called from, on which floor and in which building.”

- Marguerite Rizzi, Superintendent

North Augusta Martial Arts

“Students at North Augusta Martial Arts are taught the importance of physical fitness, discipline, and being prepared to defend themselves if the need arises. We also encourage them to be prepared in case of an emergency, and Smart 911 is one of the tools we recommend that they use. With so many people relying solely on cell phones as their main home and work number, the service provided by Smart911 helps provide important details that would otherwise not be available to 9-1-1 responders. We encourage all of our students and their families to sign up for Smart911.”

- Frank Beall, Owner

Bikers Against Domestic Violence

“The goal of Bikers Against Domestic Violence is to bring awareness to Domestic Violence through education. We are proud to support Smart911’s national efforts to provide 9-1-1 call takers and first responders vital details about victims of domestic violence in the event of an emergency 9-1-1 call for help. The information contained in a Safety Profile can be of great benefit to 9-1-1 call takers because they can indicate a risk of domestic violence, verify who is calling with a pin code, see the history of domestic violence, and a description of the perpetrator in the Safety Profile well before responders arrive on scene. We encourage all citizens to protect themselves and create a free Safety Profile today.”

- Michelle Garcia, Founder

Optimist Club of Frankfort

“The Frankfort Optimist Club strongly encourages the members of our community to visit and create their free profile. As a Friend of Youth, being prepared and educated about this program is crucial should an emergency occur. When first responders have information about an individual, they are able to provide better assistance when the time of need comes. This is a beneficial and lifesaving program that everyone should know about. It saves first responders time in assisting us in our time of need.”

- The Frankfort Optimist Club #03120

James Prendergast Library

“We welcome the opportunity to help our community through the Smart911 program. Our patrons are important to us, and we value their safety. As much personal information as gets passed around, it is good to see that information being used for such an important purpose for once!”

- Bobbie Caswell, Assistant Director

Brain Injury Support Group of Lake County, Florida

“Individuals with brain injury desire to live independently and be self-sufficient. That is hard work, but with the Smart911 system accessible to us, we feel more secure in our attempts at self-sufficiency. The Brain Injury Support Group of Lake County Florida is a source of information, encouragement, and support for all affected by brain injury. Our members appreciate the confidence we can have in the Smart911 system to keep us safe.”

- Barbara A. Castlow, Support Group Leader

Aphasia Hope Foundation

“Individuals with Aphasia have a speech/language disorder that impairs a person’s ability to communicate. If a person with Aphasia dials 9-1-1, they may have difficulty communicating, which can delay the emergency response. In an emergency, seconds count, this is why the Aphasia Hope Foundation recommends that individuals with Aphasia create a Smart911 Safety Profile at Smart911 allows families to include important information such as their address and medical conditions in their secure Safety Profile, which then displays to 9-1-1 call takers in an emergency.”

- Sandy Caudell

Kent Sussex Community Services

“Creating a Smart911 Safety Profile helps emergency responders help you! This valuable information results in more effective emergency assistance. We encourage our community members to be proactive.”

- Katie Kazimir

Jean Crowe Advocacy Center

“The Jean Crowe Advocacy Center provides assistance to survivors of domestic violence as they navigate through the criminal and civil court systems in Davidson County. The use of Smart911 is an additional tool for a survivor to increase their safety. The information they give in a Safety Profile is a tool for call takers to increase services and reduce the risk to officers and callers. We encourage everyone who has contact with the center to create a profile to protect their family.”

- Whitney Blanton, Director

Parents Helping Parents of FL, Inc.

“Parents Helping Parents of Florida, Inc. works toward improving the lives and futures of children with disabilities in their immediate environment – their homes and communities – through family support, training, and community awareness projects. Smart911 provides a much needed service for the community! When Smart911 was introduced to families in our area, we immediately recognized the value of the service. We were so excited to introduce Smart911, that we ran two online campaigns to encourage our families to set up a free profile! Many families that we serve, have children that are non-verbal and every second counts. Smart911 will help provide fast and accurate information to First Responders. Parents Helping Parents of Florida, Inc. is a proud community partner of Smart911!”

- Jovon Howard, Executive Director

Child Care Aware of NWA

“Child Care Aware of NWA works with parents and child care providers to provide child care that is safe and healthy for every child. We encourage all the participants in our Emergency Management Trainings to utilize Smart911. By doing so, emergency personnel will know the capacity and location of all child care centers and homes that are licensed or registered with the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood. In the event of an emergency, this information could literally save lives.”

- Alana Phillips

Kentucky Office for the Blind

“Our mission at the Kentucky Office for the Blind is to provide opportunities for employment and independence to individuals with visual disabilities. We serve Kentuckians who are visually impaired or blind and assist individuals to obtain and maintain employment, economic self-sufficiency and independence with complete integration into society. Our goal is to provide a myriad of resources and quality services which are geared to enhance the lives of Kentuckians with disabilities. Smart911 is a resource that is valuable for the individuals we serve. Through Smart911, first responders will have access to critical information when responding to emergencies for individuals who are blind and visually impaired.”

- Darlena Smith

Anthracite Region Center for Independent Living

“There is no substitute for personal preparation. In an emergency, first responders and people with disabilities will experience better outcomes when access and/or functional needs are disclosed before an emergency strikes. By participating in Smart911 people with disabilities can better cope with an emergency by preparing in advance with their family and care givers. In turn first responders will be safer and better equipped to respond in these emergency situations. Participating in Smart911 empowers first responders and people with disabilities to work together toward a safer and more prepared community.”

- Francine Hogan, Assistant Community Organizer

Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce

“Smart911 provides first responders valuable information about an individual or business in our community. This allows our first responders to be more adequately prepared during an emergency. The Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce encourage all members of our community and their families to create a Smart911 Safety Profile in the event an emergency should occur.”

- Carmen Inman, ACE, President/CEO

Dixie County Public Library

“The Dixie County Public Library supports using Smart911. Smart911 provides important information about the caller directly to 9-1-1 and emergency responders, who use the pertinent information in the Smart911 Safety Profile, such as medical information, emergency contacts, and special circumstances, to respond faster and more efficiently to those in need. Providing very detailed information for 9-1-1 and response teams can make the difference between life and death in emergency situations.”

- Cindy Bellot, Director

Saline Memorial Hospital

“We encourage the members of our community to visit and create their free profile. Being prepared and educated about this program is crucial should an emergency occur. When first responders have information about an individual, they are able to provide better assistance when the time of need comes. This is a beneficial and lifesaving program that everyone should know about.”

- Megan Caldwell, Community Service Coordinator

Movers & Shakers Inc.

“Smart911 is an extremely valuable resource to both user and first responders in the Parkinson’s community because it provides up-to-date data and information that could improve patient outcomes because a few seconds could mean the difference in an emergency. We strongly recommend Smart911 to anyone living with Parkinson’s or other chronic illness.”

- Michael J. Church, Co-founder

Erika Lewis, REALTOR® and Atlanta Real Estate Professional

“As a Real Estate Professional, Parent, and local Atlanta resident, I have found that having a Smart911 profile for your loved ones is a must. Why let the unheard of catch you by surprise? Be prepared and let Public Safety officials help you when you need them most. Register for Smart911 today!”

- Erika Lewis, REALTOR® and Atlanta Real Estate Professional

Crockett County Amateur Radio Society

“Smart911 provides an extra sense of security for Crockett County residents. When emergency situations occur, they know information is available to the responder regardless of the resident’s immediate ability to provide it. As Crockett County Amateur Radio Operators, our goal is to provide back up communication to public safety service in times of disaster. declared emergencies and community special events. Our club members support the Smart911 system.”

- Jerry Wosz

The Carroll Center for the Blind

“The Carroll Center for the Blind in Newton, MA provides training for children and adults who are visually impaired and blind. Our Accessibility Services team recently assisted Smart911 to ensure that individuals who are visually impaired can independently register online for those services.”

- Bruce A. Howell, Accessibility Services Coordinator

Lupus Foundation of Arkansas

“The Lupus Foundation of Arkansas, Inc. was established October 1993 in Hot Springs, Arkansas working as volunteers for the benefit of lupus patients and family members in the state of Arkansas. It is estimated that approximately 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with lupus. Many of those diagnosed are in Arkansas. Lupus patients and family members rely on the Lupus Foundation for support and to be educated about this cruel complex disease. We encourage all Arkansas lupus patients and their families to rely on Smart911 to be better protected in an emergency by creating a Safety Profile at Smart911 is the best way for lupus patients and family members to receive the fastest and most efficient emergency response in an emergency. Lupus patients need to have someone to talk with because lupus can be so cruel, unpredictable, complex disease. We are here to give lupus patients HOPE while learning to cope with Lupus.”

- Jamesetta Smith, President

Lakewood Lion’s Club

“Smart911 services are very important to every individuals safety and peace of mind, and can be life saving in many cases. It is easy to register and is a great example of something each of us can do to help ourselves, our family, and even our friends. By signing up you can provide the Emergency Services with the critical information they need to help you and your family members in a crisis situation. Don’t delay – sign up now and protect both yourself and all your family. The information is strictly confidential, and can be updated at any time to keep it current and accurate. Our Lakewood Lion’s Club is a strong supporter of Smart911 and it’s many services. We have ongoing activities to communicate the benefits and encourage participation, and we believe that Smart911 directly helps those who choose to participate. We have committed our efforts as an important initiative in our overall Community Service work.”

- Bill Sutton, President

Lexington Public Library

“Lexington Public Library has been a trusted provider of life enriching information for residents of our city since 1796. Smart911 is a free service that provides details to public safety officials that can possibly help save lives. We are happy to have Smart911 information available to share with wonderful customers who look to us for helpful resources that are both authentic and critical to their lives.”

- Ann Hammond, Executive Director

Women Lead Arkansas

“Women Lead Arkansas empowers women and girls. Smart911 gives us the power of extra security. Women are often responsible for many things—children, partners, pets, homes, and elderly parents. Being able to enter the information our first responders need in order to help us is a wonderful resource. It is also potentially life-saving for victims of domestic violence, who can be powerless to communicate when they need to the most. Smart911 ensures that someone is looking out for them, and their abuser is none the wiser. Smart911 is simply smart.”

- Stephanie Harris, Founder

Alzheimer’s Arkansas Programs and Services

“Smart911 is an added layer of security for our seniors who have Alzheimer’s or other type of dementia. With so many seniors living alone, it’s imperative that they have a life alert system in the household that will protect them in case of a fall or other trauma. Smart911, coupled with another alert system, will provide an additional level of care for our aging seniors.”

- Elise Siegler, Executive Director

The Friends School of Atlanta

“We at The Friends School of Atlanta routinely include information from Smart911 in our weekly newsletter to parents, to disseminate timely information that may help keep families safe. Some of this very-useful information has even been incorporated into our school’s crisis management plan. We so much appreciate the service provided by Smart911!”

- Karen McMichael

Milan Area Chamber of Commerce

“On behalf of the Milan Area Chamber of Commerce, we cannot emphasize enough the awesome opportunity Milan has given to each resident, business, church as well as our schools, with the new Smart911 Program. Listing your home, business, church or school could be life-saving! Please don’t procrastinate; the information you supply now, we hope will never have to be put to use, but in the event of a fire or medical emergency, you will be so glad you took the time.”

- Carrie L. Ritchie, President

Sunshine School & Development Center

“Sunshine School and development Center has been serving NW Arkansas for over 50 years. We serve families of people with disabilities in a two-pronged way – we have an onsite preschool for kids under 5 and we have in-home care for older kids and adults. Our care includes therapy (speech, physical and occupational) as well as education and personal care. Smart911 gives our clients an additional sense of safety. When there is an emergency situation, they know that the responders will have their information whether or not the person in need is able to supply it. Our clients have a wide range of disabilities and their families want that extra security. Knowing that the emergency team already has current medical info, people to contact, drug/medicine info and more (like pets and house key locations) gives extra peace of mind. It is also better for the responders because they have a more thorough understand of what they are walking into in an already heightened emergency situation. Sunshine School and development center is proud to be a community partner with Smart911.”

- Nathan Pollet, Events and Communications Coordinator

City of Alpharetta, Georgia

“Smart911 is an added layer of security for our seniors who have Alzheimer’s or other type of dementia. With so many seniors living alone, it’s imperative that they have a life alert system in the household that will protect them in case of a fall or other trauma. Smart911, coupled with another alert system, will provide an additional level of care for our aging seniors. Alpharetta over the past couple of years has grown in its senior community development, we have seen the construction of several more 55+ developments and assisted living facilities.”

- John A. Kepler, Deputy Fire Marshal

City of Tempe, Diversity Office

“Smart911 provides an extra sense of security for Tempe residents. When emergency situations occur, they know information is available to the responder regardless of the resident’s immediate ability to provide it. This has been a comfort to many people we serve who have disabilities, functional needs, severe or chronic medical conditions, elderly or who have family members with disabilities. The Diversity Office of the City of Tempe, Arizona couples Smart911 with a residential lockbox distribution program wherein they are highly encouraged to create a Smart911 Safety Profile. Smart911 provides current secure medical information, emergency contact information, information on assistive dogs, pets, family contacts and more to first responders, while the secure lockbox allows responders expedient entry into the residence. Responders are able to enter the residence quickly and respond with clear understanding of the conditions, scenarios and environments they are entering. Smart911 facilitates the saving of lives and the provision of expedient service.”

- Michele Stokes, Tempe ADA Compliance Specialist

Arkansas Association of the Deaf

“Smart911 can dramatically improve our ability to access 9-1-1 and first responder services. AAD endorses Smart911 and we encourage all citizens to visit and to create their free Safety Profile with their lifesaving service.”

- Jeff Prail, 1st Vice President

Florida Association of the Deaf

“Our members have difficulty communicating directly with 9-1-1. Smart911 will benefit the deaf and hard of hearing community as it will help emergency personnel to be aware that the person has a hearing loss.”

- June McMahon, President

Autism Center of Tulsa

“The Autism Center of Tulsa I’M A-OK Safety Program strives to increase awareness, identification, and understanding of autism and related neurological disorders. Smart911 is an added layer of protection for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Families affected by autism can easily provide important medical, safety, and behavioral information about their loved one to 9-1-1 and First Responders. The detailed information they provide can make a difference between life and death in an emergency situation. The Autism Center of Tulsa supports and encourages the efforts to make services of these types available to ALL families in Oklahoma and beyond.”

- Jennifer Sollars Miller, Founder and Director

American Association of Caregiving Youth

“The American Association of Caregiving Youth is the only organization in the United States that serves the needs of the 1.4 million children who provide care for family members who are unable to manage life independently. Smart911 is also the only service of its kind that provides lifesaving information about caregivers and their families directly to 9-1-1 and emergency management officials. In an emergency, first responders can use the pertinent information in the Smart911 Safety Profile such as medical information, emergency contacts, and special circumstances to respond faster and more efficiently to those in need. The American Association of Caregiving Youth implores all caregivers and their families nationwide to sign up for Smart911 today.”

- Connie Siskowski, RN, PhD, Director

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