MyMedSchedule® is a free service for organizing and managing your medications. MyMedSchedule helps prevent medication errors and helps improve communication between patients and their healthcare providers.


Take the right dose at the right time

With MyMedSchedule, it’s easy to create, update, and print a personal medication schedule that clearly shows the times you should take each medication or supplement and how much to take. Pictures of your pills make them easy to identify, and patient-friendly text helps make it easier to understand and follow directions.
MyMedSchedule charts can be printed in English or Spanish in a variety of formats, including wallet-size, large type, and weekly checklists.

“Remind Me”

After creating the medication schedule, you can quickly set up reminders for each scheduled dose. Get a text message or email whenever it’s time to take your medications. You can also set up email reminders for all your prescription refills.

MyMedSchedule Mobile

phones-1iPhone and Android users can launch MyMedSchedule Mobile to create, update, or view their med schedules, and set or receive medication reminders. Any changes you make on MyMedSchedule Mobile are available the next time you log in to MyMedSchedule on your computer—so you can still print your updated schedules in all the same formats. In a study published by the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, MyMedSchedule Mobile was the highest rated app for medication adherence.    


top_appMy Health Tracker

MyMedSchedule also helps you keep track of vital signs and labs. MyMedSchedule automatically builds a graph for each type of test. It’s quick and easy to enter the results, and you can print reports for sharing with healthcare providers.

Be Ready for Emergencies

Taking multiple medications on schedule can be confusing, and mistakes can have serious medical consequences. Use MyMedSchedule to keep track of your medications, and keep a printed chart handy to share with doctors or emergency personnel. Learn more and start creating your free medication schedules at