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Smart911: New Service Lets People Be Proactive About Emergency Planning

An estimated 240 million calls are made to 911 in the United States each year and more than half are done using cell phones. But, because the data from wireless…

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911 Emergency Tool Will Inform City Rescuers of Callers’ Vital Data

  With the new Smart911 system, which is already used in 39 other states, residents who are registered with the service call 911 and their profiles appear to dispatchers. That…

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Smart911: HPD’s New Initiative in Public Safety

The Honolulu Police Department has changed the way it handles 911 calls. The department Wednesday introduced a new initiative in public safety, Smart911. It’s a free service allowing members to…

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Press Releases

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Loving Father Helps Create Business Partnership to Provide First Responders with Critical Medication Information during an Emergency

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. & PEAPACK, N.J., September 10, 2015 – Dean Dunlap and his family live in Lawrence, Kansas. Dunlap’s young daughter is a patient at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas…

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Honolulu Is First in Hawaii to Enhance 9-1-1 Services with Smart911

Public Safety Officials Encourage Residents to Create a Safety Profile with New Service that Makes Emergency Responders More Effective and Provides Citizens with Greater Safety and Peace-of-Mind FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Sept.…

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Beaufort County and Hilton Head Island Announce Smart911 for Enhanced Emergency Response

Public safety officials encourage citizens to create a Safety Profile in case of emergency What if there is a fire, a medical emergency, or a child goes missing?  When you…

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The Personal Safety Game Changer Called ‘Smart911’

The enhanced 911 safety database known as ‘Smart911’ allows users to prepare for an emergency before one strikes. Original Source: Good Morning America  

Smart911 Helps Save a Michigan Man’s Life

Dan Hoffman is thankful he can hug his daughters today, after Smart911 helps responders save his life.  

Michigan Man Meets 9-1-1 Dispatchers & Responders Who Saved His Life

On November 6 Dan Hoffman called 9-1-1 for help but wasn’t able to speak. It was unknown to dispatchers at the time, but Dan’s house was on fire and he…

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