Physical Disabilities

In an emergency situation involving a person with specific needs, the first step is to dial 9-1-1.

9-1-1 telecommunicators play a key role in figuring out the type of emergency that is occurring and determining the proper staff and equipment needed in the particular situation. Whether the individual is having a medical emergency, has had a physical accident, or is in another situation, it is vital to communicate the specific details about the person’s condition and needs and understand the response may require very specific actions. Smart911 can provide the important details needed by 9-1-1 and response teams to assist this person.

Physical Disabilities Physical Disabilities Physical Disabilities

Smart911 can help with…

Limited Mobility
If an individual is unable to easily navigate through their home, or evacuate on their own, 9-1-1 will be able to dispatch the proper response teams to assist them. If special equipment is needed, responders will be aware of this and be able to arrive on scene with that equipment, saving precious time.

Deaf or Hard of Hearing
An individual who may not be able to effectively communicate because they are deaf or hard of hearing has the option to note this in their profile. 9-1-1 will be immediately alerted to their condition when their Safety Profile is displayed, so that they understand there is a person in need calling and it is not a dropped or open air call.

If an individual is blind and emergency response is arriving to the scene of their emergency, it can be beneficial to know that responders will need to use vocal cues as they approach the individual. If the person is in their own home, the layout and bedroom locations can be noted in their Safety Profile as well. They are also able to note if they have a service animal who needs to travel with them.



“Smart911 is changing the way 9-1-1 responds to citizens with special needs – like the hearing impaired. For our community, this non-verbal, supplemental data can be the difference between a needless tragedy and a life-saving 9-1-1 response.”

– Donice Kaufman – Director of Wellness and Youth – Bridges

“Smart911 is an extremely valuable service for individuals with special needs, including the blind. The information provided to 9-1-1 can be life saving and also provides peace-of-mind to family members knowing that first responders are aware of their loved ones special needs.”

– John Oliveira – President – Association of Blind Citizens