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Although VoIP services are becoming more reliable, and can now be used to make emergency telephone calls, you still can´t call 911 from a PC. Most people over the age of thirty will remember the days when, if you wanted to make an emergency telephone call, you hand to call 911 from a landline. Mobile […]

Jan 8, 2018

If you are concerned what might happen to your pets during an emergency evacuation, plan and add details about your pets to your Smart911 Safety Profile. This year – 2017 – has seen more declared disasters requiring emergency evacuation than in most recent years according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Although the disasters have […]

Jan 6, 2018

Smart911 Safety Profiles provide an opportunity to make emergency services aware of your organ donation wishes if you are fatally injured in an accident. Talking about being fatally injured is not a frequent topic of conversation around the dinner table – not in our house anyway – but it is something that could touch our […]

Jan 3, 2018

Making a New Year´s resolution to review your Personal Safety Profile could be better for your wellbeing than making a resolution to exercise more frequently – especially if the organization through which you created your Personal Safety Profile has changed service providers. Each January, I sit down and write a list of the things I […]

Jan 1, 2018

Instead of a New Year’s resolution that will be a distant memory come January 30th, pick easy and simple resolution that will keep you and your family safe this year. 1. Be sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors work. A working smoke alarm cuts the chances of dying in afire in half. Test and change […]

Dec 20, 2017

  What if your child goes missing? According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the first three hours are the most critical when trying to locate a missing child. When a child is reported missing it can take an hour or more just to distribute a current photo to law enforcement officers […]

Dec 19, 2017

As you celebrate the holiday season with your friends and family, avoid these 6 holiday hazards to keep your friends and family safe. 1. Don’t stand on chairs, desks or other furniture. Always use a proper step stool or ladder. 2. Don’t place mistletoe, holly berries, Jerusalem cherry and other poisonous plants within reach of […]

Nov 15, 2017
Since Thanksgiving is the leading day for home cooking fires, carve out some time this holiday season to practice kitchen safety and keep your family safe.   1.  Stay in the kitchen when you are frying, grilling, or broiling. If you are simmering, baking or roasting, remain at home and check the food often. Set [...]
Oct 19, 2017

Halloween is a time of fun frights, but there is also a high risk of a real fright when it comes to the safety of your children.  Take some time to follow some simple safety tips to ensure your family’s Halloween is a spooktacular time! Flyers: (click to download)      Social media graphics: (click […]

Sep 26, 2017

Fire Prevention Week is celebrated October 8 – 14, and this year’s theme is “Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!”

Sep 25, 2017