Dispatcher Uses Smart911 Chat to Stop Kidnapping in Progress

Seattle Police BadgeOn Saturday April 1st, dispatcher, Cherie Steadman received an abandoned 9-1-1 phone call from a cell phone.  Steadman then followed Seattle Police Communications’ policy and sent a Smart911 Chat to the phone, advising that an abandoned 9-1-1 call had been received and that if there was an emergency to call back right away. She then put the call in for dispatch. Within that instance Steadman received a response via the Smart911 Chat. A girl responded that she was being held against her will inside a vehicle. She went on to write that the man had a gun. After a while the victim was able to provide a vehicle description as well as an intersection. Because of Steadman’s use of Smart911 the vehicle was located and the victim moved to safety. Moments later the male suspect was apprehended. It was the quick thinking and attention to detail of Dispatcher Steadman that led to this outcome. If Seattle Police Communications did not utilize Smart911 chat message policy in place, it is unknown if the female victim would have been located.

Smart911 is a national service available to all residents and travelers in Seattle. It provides the option to create a free Safety Profile for one’s household, including any information they want 9-1-1 and first responders to have in the event of an emergency.  The profile created will immediately display on a 9-1-1 dispatcher’s screen should the individual then make an emergency call.