Garland County Receives SmartSave Award for Aiding Victim of Domestic Violence

Garland county BadgeOn February 16th, Samantha Pittman from Garland County Sheriff’s Office received a call transferred from Saline County 911 Dispatch. After listening to the commotion on the other end of the line Pittman heard the caller begin to whisper. The call was from a woman who was being assaulted by her husband. She explained that her husband had left the room but was fearful that he would return. Pittman asked the woman if communicating by text message would be better and she agreed that it would. By using Smart911 Chat, Pittman was able to gather both the names of the woman and her assailant and her location. Pittman continued to use Smart911 Chat to gather other helpful information to the pass on to responding officers. Once officers arrived they were able to provide much-needed assistance and take the assailant into custody.

Smart911 is a national service available to all residents and travelers in Garland County and across Arkansas. It provides the option to create a free Safety Profile for one’s household, including any information they want 9-1-1 and first responders to have in the event of an emergency.  The profile created will immediately display on a 9-1-1 dispatcher’s screen should the individual then make an emergency call.