Pumpkin Spice... Sometimes Not So Nice: Fall Allergies & Smart911

pumpkinsFall is upon us! Some consider this transitional period between summer and winter as their absolute favorite season of the year. Leaves are turning, apple orchards are calling, and sweater weather is back. With temperatures hovering around the 50’s and 60’s, unless you’re in the warmer states such as California or the colder states such as Alaska, it’s the perfect time to visit a pumpkin patch and participate in fun outdoor family activities. With fall comes delicious autumn-inspired treats and of course, pumpkin spiced everything! Although the delicious apple cobblers, pumpkin pies, and seasonal snacks are delightful, there are a large population of Americans who are born with and develop food allergies that could be deadly. Yes, believe it or not, some are allergic to pumpkin spices, pumpkin seeds, and even pumpkins themselves!

Fall Time Pumpkin Allergies

So, what happens when you’re allergic to pumpkins? Typically, your immune system can mistakenly identify a protein in food, such as the pulp of a pumpkin, as dangerous. According to LiveStrong, “It (your immune system) over-responds and releases antibodies, known as immunoglobulin E, or IgE, to protect the body. These antibodies react with the allergen triggering the release of histamines that may affect the skin and membranes in the eyes, nose, respiratory tract and intestine.” Profilin is one of the protein allergens in pumpkins, which could also cause an allergy to citrus fruits, melon, bananas, tomatoes, and members of the squash family including zucchini, muskmelon and cucumber.

Pumpkin Allergy Symptoms

Usually after ingesting pumpkin seeds or pulp those who are allergic can show various symptoms. LiveStrong explains they can be mild, such as itching, dermatitis, and nasal congestion, or more serious, such as asthma, difficulty breathing, swelling of the face and lips or shortness of breath. Anaphylaxis may also develop, although cases are rare, which would require immediate medical attention or the administration of epinephrine.

How Can A Smart911 Safety Profile Help?

Anybody who suffers from an allergy, whether it’s pumpkins, peanuts, or shellfish, can benefit from filling out their free Smart911 Safety Profile. By listing your allergies and other important medical conditions, such as diabetes or epilepsy, you’re providing 9-1-1 dispatchers and first responders valuable information that could help save your life. Calling 9-1-1 can be terrifying, but knowing key information about yourself, your family, and your pets is all listed within your Smart911 Safety Profile can certainly give you a piece of mind. That way you can enjoy the fall weather, and all of the fantastic pumpkin flavored treats!

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