Smart911 Offers New Help for Missoula County Emergencies

Missoula County officials believe having the Smart911 system can help save lives.

Smart911 asks each person to complete a profile with information that could be useful to responders in an emergency situation.

Missoula County Office of Emergency Services Coordinator Nick Holloway says Smart911 helps first responders with the information they need in case of an emergency.

Although the system has been available in Missoula since 2012, only about 2,500 have signed up.

"Every case is individual and this allows emergency responders to go in and sort of tailor their response to the unique needs of a person or their family based on things like health conditions, medications taken, where a person's bedroom may be in a house," said Holloway.

Holloway says Smart911 also allows people to upload photos of their family, kids, and pets so responders can quickly recognize who is who when arriving on scene.

He says public safety profiles are completely confidential, and can only be seen when a caller places a 911 call with a registered phone number.

The Missoula County Office of Emergency Services was signing up residents Tuesday at the Missoula Public Library.