Veteran Considering Suicide is Saved by the Efforts of One 9-1-1 Dispatcher

A Dispatcher Receives SmartSave Award in Recognition of His Efforts to Deliver Help to a Veteran in Crisis.

Wiechethal receives award

Early in the morning on September 7th dispatcher Wiechethal received a call from a veteran crisis line. They informed him that there was a woman calling in and stating that she was going to kill herself by walking into traffic. The crisis line had very little information to go on with just a name which they relayed to Ionia Dispatch. Wiechethal used the woman’s name and phone number to initiate a text message dialog using the chat feature of Smart911.Wiechethal was able engage the woman and gain a  lot of information as well as a meet location for the state trooper to be dispatched. The state trooper was then able to meet with this woman and not only provide help to her but also her boyfriend who was also considering committing suicide.

“Without this tool for us to use there is no way we would been able to help her.” Kevin Booth continued, “As it turned out we were able to save 2 lives that morning as the boyfriend was also making statements of suicide.”

Wiechethal was awarded the SmartSave award because he utilized the Smart911Chat  feature to overcome the limitations of the current 9-1-1 infrastructure and quickly provide help to a person in need.